Heringer Estates
35265 Willow Avenue
Clarksburg, CA, CA 95612
(916) 744-1919

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Surrounded by the cooling waterways of the Sacramento River Delta is the rich farmland of the Clarksburg appellation. Weighted drawbridges and swing bridges give access to the lush lands bordered by Interstate 5 on the east and the Sacramento Deep Water Channel on the west. Small towns dot the riverside and wine grape vineyards nestle among the farmlands of row, field and orchard crops. The northern appellation border parallels the town of Freeport, while the southern border runs along Twin Cities Road, extending to the Sacramento Deep Water Channel. Warm summer days and cool breezy nights typify the climate in the Clarksburg appellation during the long, dry growing season. This is the picturesque setting of Heringer Estates Family Vineyards and Winery.